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White Hydrangea Flowers
3 Hydrangea Flowers


Hydrangea (3 stems)

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Fresh flowers can be delivered in Mumbai city only. For Navi Mumbai and Thane, please contact us before placing the order.

Shipping takes 1-4 working days.

Prices change daily depending upon market fluctuations.  

These gorgeous hydrangeas are ideal as an arrangement for a dinner party you are hosting! They're such a showstopper, they're best used alone without any fillers or foliage. 

  • Stem Count - 3 stems.
  • Cut life - 2-3 days. Hydrangeas are best used for special events due to their show-stopping appearance and low vase-life. You can also air-dry hydrangeas to turn them into beautiful, dried flowers for your home that will last!
  • Hydrangeas drink from their petals - make sure you mist the flower head with water everyday.
  • Packaging - Flowers are wrapped in brown paper and packaged in boxes.
  • Includes a packet of flower food.

Hydrangeas are thought to have originated in Japan and are known as ‘thirsty flowers’ due to their need for copious amounts of water. Predominantly, hydrangeas symbolize deep emotions. The colour of the flower also connotes different meanings: 

  • White Hydrangeas - symbolizes purity and grace
  • Blue Hydrangeas - symbolizes gratitude and understanding
  • Pink Hydrangeas - symbolizes romance
  • Purple Hydrangeas - symbolizes royalty and gratefulness

*Fine Print: Some of the flowers may be in bud form but will open up in a few days when placed in a vase filled with water.

Pictures shown are recent examples of the actual flower. Given the vagaries of Mother Nature, the colour may vary slightly.