About Us

Happy Earth, Happy Humans

At Bloombombs, we are mindful of the impact the floral industry has on our environment. We work to minimize packaging and prioritize locally-grown flowers. Delivering beautiful flowers and bouquets is what we do best; but doing so at minimal cost to the environment is our goal. 



Meet Christine

Christine Langstieh has over 10 years of experience as a lawyer and an international compliance consultant.  
But at the heart of it all, is her love and passion for flowers. Which is why she trained extensively in floral artistry and design at the renowned London Flower School "Growing up in Shillong, I was always surrounded by gardens bursting with flowers. So you can imagine how I felt when I moved to Mumbai!" 
Christine founded Bloombombs to make flowers more accessible to anyone who wished to bring a bit of the outside indoors. "It's incredible how powerful flowers are - they have the ability to bring joy to a space, a face, a day." ​ Bloombombs is not just a flower company. This is an ode to a more joyous way to live.